6/24 - Of Ancient Futures: Exploring Crystals Workshop

6/24 - Of Ancient Futures: Exploring Crystals Workshop

Connecting modern mysticism with ancient studies, and practical science with intuitive wisdom, this workshop opens an array of crystalline knowledge. We will delve into different approaches and origins of crystal healing, why crystals are such potent energy, how to apply them into your daily life, and more – leaving the session with a rich treasure of resources.


Crystals will be available for purchase.


Sherise Lee is a mother, artist, and a vessel for healing - practicing in both the tactile and the incorporeal. Tapping into her childhood and ancestral lineage of Chinese medicine and mysticism, she works with stone, sound, color, and energy – offering workshops and private healing sessions. Lee is the creator of The Radder, an online shop / storytelling platform and a contributor to the book, “The New New Age Series: Crystals.” 

This workshop will take place on Sunday, June 24th from 3-5pm. Cost is $45. Space is very limited for this workshop, so be sure to sign up HERE!

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