Apotheke Incense Sticks


Bamboo stick incense made by hand in Japan. Extraordinary fragrances packaged in thick kraft tube with cork closure. Each 13" stick burns 100-120 minutes and scents a large space for hours.

25 sticks. Available in 6 scents:

  • Blue Spruce - Woody fragrance with notes of citrus, Douglas fir, cedarwood and pine. 
  • The Quiet Light - Subtle watery floral fragrance inspired by photographer Atsushi Sugie's private exhibition of the same name.
  • Oakmoss & Amber - Based on the ornate woody musk, blend herbs such as sage and lavandin with the fragrance of oak moss, amber, tonka beans. Genderless fragrance.
  • Fig - Fruity green and the scent of fig.
  • White Tea - A sweet scent with refreshing image of white tea. A touch of jasmine as an accent.
  • Lavender Chamomile - Mainly lavender and Italian chamomile blended with orange and cedarwood. An aroma of peaceful herbs.

Made in Japan.

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