We are honored to have Carly Jo Morgan join us and share her transformational breathwork on June 12th.
  The Shadow is a mythological name for all that within us which we cannot directly know. Rarely does it simply yield to being fixed. It continues to surface again and again until we are ready to face it, know it and transform it. Only when we stop trying to avoid our shadow can it reveal its magic.
There are several transitional growth periods in life when we encounter a powerful, often incredibly painful, unconscious force that comes from within. This pressure often intensifies throughout life.  Whether you find freedom comes from your willingness to surrender to this force. This is the force of transmutation, and it wants you to surpass yourself, and find your highest self, and connect with your soul’s true purpose.

In this workshop you will be guided through and intense shamanic breathwork journey led by Carly Jo Morgan.  This unique style of breathwork allows us to empower the intrinsic healing instinct that lives within all of us. The journey will allow you to dive deep into into the psyche to hear what is your inner wisdom saying, what the blockages are that we need to investigate and how can we bring ourselves closer to wholeness. Through breath and experimental sound we will explore the unconscious, intuitively locate any shadow aspects that are paralyzing/ hindering us, and bring them to the light.

This is a very inward experience. It is process of awakening, fine tuning, and shifting the authority from our minds to our hearts.
Please bring a mat, blanket/sheepskin, and pillow
We will supply eye masks for the journey
Music by INFINITE CRESCENDO (Carly Jo Morgan and Paul Butler)
This event will take place on Wednesday, June 12th. First session is 3-5:30pm, 2nd session is 7-9:30pm.
Space is limited
*Please note that there are no refunds for events & workshops. In the event you or the person you purchased it for can't attend, let us know and we'll give you a credit towards a future event. Thank you for understanding!
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