Koshi Chimes


The Koshi Chime is handmade at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains in France. The inside of the chime features 8 silver rods that produce the 8 different tones that make up their unique tuning. They are silver soldered into the metal base of the chime. A hard acrylic sphere hanging from the center rope strikes each rod in the perfect position. The chime is played by gently holding the rope at the top of the chime and lightly moving it in a circular motion. It can also be suspended by the rope and and hung outside to act as a windchime. The Koshi Chime is suggested for outdoor use. 

Each Koshi produces it's own sound influenced by the 4 elements:

Ignis (Fire) G B D G B D G A

Aria (Air) A C E A B C E B

Terra (Earth) G C E F G C E G

Aqua (Water)  A D F G A D F A

6.25 x 2.5"



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