Wildcare Hydrosols


A Hydrosol is the aromatic water collected from slowly distilled, fresh plant material. What results is an extremely gentle skin tonic packed full of nutrients, plant acids, and suspended particles of its own essential oils, used to balance and restore the skins natural PH. 

The mist is incredibly gentle and well-suited for beings of all ages and sensitivities (including babies and pets alike). Wildcare Hydrosols are recommended as a daily facial toner, and play an important role in protecting and nourishing the skin from everyday pollutants. In addition to a being a supreme skin tonic, your Hydrosol may also be used as a scalp tonic, energetic atmosphere mist, added to baths, and used in conjunction with our Clay Masks.

Store your Hydrosol in the refrigerator for extra-cooling skin relief and always in a cool, dark place, using within 6 months. 

2oz Amber Bottle

Available in 3 varieties:


Empress Cypress - The Empress Cypress Hydrosol withstands the extremes. It grows between rocks, high on mountain tops, and low along water, all the while surviving the harsh coastal winds and shifting temperatures in elegant stature. The surrounding environmental intensity determines this tree’s shape. Contrapposto, like a graceful sculpture upon a cliff, it stands slanted, with a deep rooted stability. Monterey Cypress grows prominently on the California and Oregon Coasts. Its mist cools like a shadow yet feels warm like a wooded sauna, with notes of smoke, evergreen, and cool mint.

Mist your Empress Cypress Hydrosol to support seasonal and environmental skin imbalances, as an aftershave to soothe and minimize bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes, and simply as an anti-inflammatory tonic for irritable skin that experiences acne, fatigue, and rashes. Stand strong in the extremes.

Ingredients: 100% steam distillation of ethically wildcrafted Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa)


Purple Majesty Lavender - Wildcare’s Lavender hydrosol is a must have. Lovingly grown from our sunny California garden, this ethereal mist will leave you feeling cool, calm, & prepared for the day. After the slow distillation process, the lavender's scent transforms into an incredibly fragrant and rich honey aroma. Daily usage naturally balances PH for all skin types. It soothes sunburns & bites, aids in preventing ingrown hairs, & even comforts baby, while offering gentle anti-bacterial & anti-viral support. Deep in its mist, you will feel peace restored through the intelligence of its sweet purple blooms.

Ingredients: 100% steam distillation of fresh, organically grown Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia & Lavandula Stoechas)
*This Lavender is grown by Wildcare in their sunny, California garden


Ojai White Sage - It’s as if her musky fragrance evokes the hot desert earth which surrounds -- then releases the subtle brightness of her velvety leaves.  White Sage is commonly used in spiritual ceremonies for purification. It uplifts, protects, encourages mental focus & is an energetic cleanser. Daily use balances the skin’s PH, deodorizes & has antibacterial effects on the skin. The White Sage is respectfully wildcrafted in the sacred Topa Topa mountains of Ojai, CA. Potent.

Ingredients: 100% Steam distillation of ethically wildcrafted, Ojai White Sage (Salvia Apiana)



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