Morihata Green Teas


Deep in the woods of Kirishima, a highlands where the temperature differences between day and night are severe, stands a plantation of lush green tea leaves. Five generations of master tea harvesters have tended and overseen its fields, harvesting pure organic green tea in the spring months of every year since the Meiji era. From the steaming of the leaves to the handmade tea bags sewn by the Hayashi family, every step of the process is an artful tradition handed down through the generations. This collection of classic teas, brought straight from the Hayashi house to yours, introduces the varied and historic world of Japanese green tea.  

Gemaicha - 

A blend of roasted rice grains and premium green tea leaves form a toasty herbal aroma that recalls warm summer fields. This special reserve green tea is housed in pyramid sachets for a deep infusion of flavor.

Hojicha - 

Enjoy the sweet taste of late summer leaves roasted over charcoal. This comforting tea evokes the warmth of toasted chestnuts in autumn.

 Kanayamidori - 

A gentle, mildly sweet flavor with subtle notes of honey and a lush herbal fragrance reminiscent of the summer rains.

Meigetsu - 

The first-harvested, highest-quality tea leaves of the year hold a fresh, sweet aroma like the first buds of spring. This special reserve green tea is housed in pyramid sachets for a deeper infusion of flavor.

All teas are JAS and USDA certified organic.

Available in sachets (25g, 10 sachets) or loose (100g)

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