Horn Gua Sha


Gua Sha translates from Chinese to mean "stripping away toxins." 

Gua Sha is a small medicinal crystal tool used to gently massage and manipulate the skin, stimulating certain energy points along the face (acupressure) to promote Qi energy flow and remove toxins & stimulate energy meridians which connect to internal organs to help you look and feel better.

Its beauty benefits include:

**reducing the appearance of wrinkles, 

**lifts sagging skin 

**reduce dark eye circles and puffy eyes

**dissolve age spots, discolorations and an overall dull complexions

**break up fatty deposits and fascia in face 

**eliminate water retention in face

**promotes glowing, vibrant skin by bringing healthy oxygen rich blood to surface

**promotes new cell growth

**break up wrinkles on chest


Made from naturally shed horn. Approx 2"x4"

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