Planetary Hand Chimes By Acutonics


Acutonics Hand Chimes create rich, complex and subtle musical intervals that are perfect for use in ceremony, ritual, and in clinical practice. They have a lovely sound envelope that allows you to direct the vibrations of the chime over an individual in a therapeutic setting. They are great over the body or to cocoon the body in sound vibration. They are also excellent to harmonize energy in a physical space. They can be hung in a space or held in your hand to activate. Each chime corresponds with the frequencies of the planetary tuning forks and contains the same therapeutic qualities. Hand Chimes are also being used in agriculture and wine production.

The Ohm Hand Chime series represents sustenance, nurturance, and wholeness. It corresponds to the Earth traveling around the Sun through the seasons in its 365-day yearly orbit.

Energetics: Helps us to connect more deeply to the work we must do, providing the balance needed to complete our destiny successfully

The Ohm chimes come in three sizes spanning three octaves and represent the home tone in the Acutonics System.

Ohm High Hand Chime, 9.5-inch length - C# - Grounding, Balancing

Ohm Middle Hand Chime, 12.5-inch length - C# - Midlife

Ohm Low Hand Chime, 20.5-inch length - C# - 

Deep Grounding, Balancing

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