Saipua Soap Bar


Sarah’s mother, Susan, started tinkering with the strange chemistry of soapmaking in her basement in 1997. Once a home economics teacher, Susan is a natural with kitchen weights has a uniquely large reservoir of patience. The first few batches were born in old shoeboxes. She ultimately roped in her husband, Pentti, a retired auto body repair man with a penchant for buying new tools. Soon, a small soap making factory was formed. Each batch of 88 bars is hand measured, poured, cut and wrapped by Sarah’s folks.


SALTWATER - With a scent reminiscent of the beach on a summer day, it’s made with salt and nori. Not a scrubby soap but seems to condition the water as you shower. Contains saponified oils of olive, coconut, and castor with shea butter, salt, nori and essential oils.

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